About us

Fiona Luing Jewellery was set up in 2006 in the Borders of Scotland. I wanted to turn my jewellery making hobby my main occupation, so while taking night classes at Edinburgh College of Art, I set up my business with the help of Scottish Enterprise.  I now live and work in Edinburgh, doing my dream job!

My designs are developed first through drawing, then by exploring directly in metal whether my sketched shape will work within a piece of jewellery.  I find it fascinating how once constructed in a piece of silver, a shape comes to life and presents countless options to improve and develop.

The new honey pot collection is a range of work based around my drawings of buds and flowers.  First conceived from one simple shape, larger repetitions were added to show an idea of growth, and smaller spike shapes to bring a masculine element to the design.  Made from sterling silver or 14 carat gold, each piece is designed individually by placing the honey pots and spikes together and moving them into the most attractive configuration.  From there I select bright faceted gemstones, and set them within my shapes to create one of a kind statement jewellery.